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Privacy Policy

Here at Website Quest, our aim is to provide accurate and honest hosting provider service reviews while keeping your personal information safe. 

Our Data Collection Processes

We will never collect your personal data without your clear consent. You always have the option of using our website’s resources anonymously. However, some of your personal information such as your email address, full name, physical address, or phone number might be required in some instances, for example:

  • If you choose to sign up up for Website Quest’s newsletters, promotional lette1rs, or for other email communication reasons;
  • If you fill out a form or use a specific tool on WebsiteQuest.com that requires your personal data;
  • If you choose to add a comment under our published content;
  • If you contact us via email or various contact forms that can be found on WebsiteQuest.com;

User Data Protection

The personal information that the visitors choose to provide on WebsiteQuest.com will not be sold, shared, traded, or in any way transferred to third parties without the explicit consent from the individual. Personal user data is considered confidential and, therefore, treated and protected by our constantly updated security measures. WebsiteQuest.com domain and all internal hyperlinks are protected by SSL encryption.

Confidential user data is only used for the following purposes: 

  • To share consensual written and verbal information via email or other means of provided communication;
  • To personalize the website’s experience for a particular user and improve the overall experience by acquiring feedback;
  • To process monetary transactions;

WebsiteQuest.com visitors can opt-out from receiving emails anytime by following the “Unsubscribe” procedure that’s included in each newsletter or promotional news email. 

Third Party Links

WebsiteQuest.com includes third party links that may lead our readers to the various resource or merchant websites. All outside websites we might link to have separate terms of use and privacy policies, therefore, WebsiteQuest.com is not deemed responsible for any user or website owner actions that happen on the beforementioned sites. 

DoubleClick Cookie Disclosure and Consent

WebsiteQuest.com uses Google DART cookie system in order to show individualized advertisements and search engine placements based on the user’s browsing history. 

Google is a third party vendor and, therefore, is permitted to display third party advertisements throughout the WebsiteQuest.com site. Additionally, Google is allowed to show ads on any outside website to users based on their visit to WebsiteQuest.com.

Users can withdraw their consent for Google cookie use directly from Google, by visiting their Advertising policy at the following URL: https://policies.google.com/technologies/ads. You also have the option of disabling cookies via your browser’s settings. 

User Consent

All WebsiteQuest.com visitors must comply with our privacy policy. 

Please contact us if you’d like to receive more information and updates: [email protected]

Terms of Use

WebsiteQuest.com project was created to deliver high quality, honest, and useful resources.

By accessing WebsiteQuest.com, you agree to comply with these Terms of Use as well as all local and applicable laws and regulations. Visitors that do not submit to these terms and conditions are prohibited from accessing and using this site’s resources. All published content on WebsiteQuest.com is protected under the Copyright and Trademark law. 

Copyright and License of Use

All published content on this website may not be modified, reproduced, or published in any other way. The website’s content can not be used for public and commercial purposes. 

All materials on WebsiteQuest.com are copyrighted, therefore, unauthorized use of any published resource will violate the Copyright and Trademark law as well as other laws.

All material on WebsiteQuest.com is publicly available as a resource for personal use. Website visitors that comply with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use may view the published information, download it, print it, and otherwise utilize it for personal use only. 

WebsiteQuest.com visitors are prohibited to:

  • Republish material published on this site in any way (digital or print);
  • Claim the written content as their own;
  • Use the website’s publications for commercial purposes, including selling, renting, copying, or monetizing in any other way;
  • Distribute the website’s materials — unless the content is explicitly made available for sharing and redistribution;

Restrictions, Limitations, and Liability

Access to certain sections of WebsiteQuest.com is restricted for public view. We reserve the right to restrict access to any area of this website or the entire website without notice. 

WebsiteQuest.com is not held liable for any damages (data loss, loss of profit, or other financial means, business interruptions) under any circumstances. We are not responsible for any damages that may arise from the usage or the inability to use this website’s resources. 

WebsiteQuest.com does not provide any warranty or liability regarding the information that’s accessible to website’s visitors. We do not warrant that the material on this website is complete, accurate, true, and not misleading. We do not accept responsibility if the published website’s material is used as professional advice. We offer resources for personal use only. In any situation, if you require help in any legal or other matter, consult the appropriate and licensed professional.

Our Revision Policy

All content published on WebsiteQuest.com might include technical, grammatical, photographic, or any other human errors. We do not warrant that any information on this website is accurate or up to date. WebsiteQuest.com reserves the right to make changes to all website materials without notice.

We might revise these Terms of Use as well as our Privacy Policy at any time without any public announcement. The updated terms and conditions apply from the moment they are published on WebsiteQuest.com. All website users and visitors must check this page periodically and ensure they are familiar with the updated Terms of Use.

Third Party Links

WebsiteQuest.com uses third party links throughout the published content on this website. We are not responsible for the content or availability of any URL that might be found on this site. All WebsiteQuest.com visitors enter the linked third party websites at their own personal risk.

Affiliate Disclosure 

WebsiteQuest.com is a passion resource project, aimed to help and advise its users in choosing appropriate hosting services as well as provide useful resources. The information on this site can be accessed completely free of charge. In order to sustain the running of this website (hosting and domain costs as well as maintenance of all hosting testing accounts), we participate in affiliate programs. Consequently, we may earn a commission from hosting providers if their product is purchased via our affiliate links.

This financial sustainability practice DOES NOT ALTER THE PRODUCT PLACEMENTS on this website. It also does not affect our expressed opinions or published information regarding the specific service provider.